Another political post.

Seeing as it’s now officially Election Day and all.  I’d like to bring your attention to something really neat that you can do if you are voting in New York State.  Instead of voting for a 3rd party candidate, which can make you feel as if you are throwing out a vote, you can vote through the Working Families Party line for Obama and your vote gets counted through their party, which works for a variety of issues that are very important to me personally and possibly for you as well!  Check it out if you get a chance.

Obviously this option isn’t for everyone, but if your views happen to align with us, it’s a really great way to get your message across while still voting within the two-party system. I know we’re not a swing state or anything, but these issues aren’t getting as much recognition as they should be, and every vote through WFP brings these issues to a larger stage.

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